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If you are looking to get a SEO company in Miami you will find there are so many companies promising they can get you page one on Google or get you more traffic for a site. This makes it very hard for companies to make a good decision on whom to use.

 Magic marketing is different we offer pay for performance seo as well as no contract monthly plans so there so you can be assured we are always working hard to keep our clients happy. While keeping your budget in mind.


If you are in Miami and you are looking to employ a seo service, it could get pretty confusing process whenever you want quality work with countless options. That makes it even more important to make sure when you're looking for a Miami SEO service, you find an agency which includes the expertise and the experience to help you get what you want.


There are a few SEO services that have the expertise and specialization in relation to quality SEO services in Miami. Listed here are a handful topics to seek when in search of a company.

1)    Monthly Contracts: Be sure that the company will not expect a contract for work that is going to be done only in rare circumstances do contracts work. Providing quality service with no contract means the corporation will work effortlessly to keep you happy.

2)    Free One hour consultation & report: any company you contact should offer to spend a hour of their time at least and check out your individual website needs and wants. Then give you a basic explanation of how they could assist you along with a timeframe. Most companies also needs to grant you some basic report on your site and traffic in their proposal so you can analyze it later.

3)    Expert Staff: Ensure that the staff you meet with has a thorough understanding of how SEO will help your company. This is a lot more than just getting your page ranked in Google this means knowing the psychology of how to make the web site visitor become a customer for you. This will include website layouts, colors and calls to action on the page.

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 If you are looking for any Miami seo company that caters to Miami website owners with affordable pricing. Understands that getting on the first page of Google is just half the battle and another is converting the visitor to become customer then give us a call at Magic marketing Inc. or are website